Describing Words

What are descriptive words or adjectives?

Adjectives, or sometimes know as "describing words" are words in the english language that tell you more about nouns. Nounds are "naming words", they could be for instance a place, a person, an object...etc.

Descriptive words tell you more about the noun, using various describing words makes your sentences for interesting.

Here is an example I've put together:

"The pretty girl said hello"

In this sentence, the noun is "girl" and the describing word (adjective) is "pretty".

Here are some more sentences with nouns and describing words:

"The fat butcher ate his lunch"

"Ellen is a tall blonde and is gorgeous"

Describing words are important as it gives a clear message to the readers and listeners. Remember that describing words tell you about the noun, they describe the noun.

Usually adjectives come before the noun. You can use more than one describing word in front of a noun, eg:

"The tall, beautiful waitress picked up the dirty plate"

This website contains a large range of describing words which you are free to use for any purpose. This is a great resource for students who are writing essays.

We have put different descriptive words into categories so you can find the exact word you are looking for much faster!